Rokkon Shou Jou 六根清浄

The kanji used by Soke for Roku is 禄.

It can be described as Stipend, or salary. For example: The Samurai recieved a fief of 300 koku. However, when it is combined with Kan such as Kanroku 貫禄, it can mean ” Regal Dignity”, or a person of high status,and influence.

Kon 根 is written as Tamashii, or the ” Soul “.

The kanji used by Soke for Shou 清 is written as  Warau, or  Laugh”.

The kanji used  for Jou is written as 淨. This permeates the meaning of Pure, Clear,Cleansing or Purity “.

I will include some words from Soke that were captured by a resident friend ( Sleiman ) about Rokkon Shou Jou. I’m sure it will give us a greater appreciation of  the Rokkon Shou Jou of the Bujinkan.

” Soke said that his rokkon shou jou has nothing to do with shugendo/ja practice and that it was more to do with living and being able to smile which, incidentally, is a natural consequence of forgetting about budo.”

the purification of the senses through laughter!”

From Duncan Stewart’s page

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